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  • QTL and markers for foliar disease resistance in groundnut


  • Foliar disease resistant groundnut genotypes (under varietal trial)


  • Blast tolerant rice variety (under varietal trial)


  • Ds-tagged sorghum mutants for functional genomics


  • Bacterial genes for salt tolerance in plants

  • Identification of genomic regions for drought and heat tolerance related traits in groundnut


  • Genome editing technology using CRISPR-Cas9 to control chilli leaf curl virus associated with murda complex


  • Enhancing germination and seedling vigor through hypergravity in selected crops


  • Metagenomics to address soil heath


  • Gene discovery and functional genomics in sorghum using iAc/Ds mutagenesis


  • Cloning and characterization of novel lectin genes for biotic stress management

  • Developing genetic and genomic resources for improving late leaf spot (LLS) and rust resistance in groundnut

  • Construction of promoter-trapping vectors and evaluation of syntheic promotersfor inducibility

  • Conservation of rice landraces and developing high yielding and blast tolerant rice varieties

  • Cloning and expression of BBTV and PRSV to develop Rapidot immuno diagnostic detection kits

  • Transformation and expression of salt tolerant ‘ectB’ gene in crop plants for Abiotic Stress Resistance

  • Molecular characterization on gene encoding bioactive compounds

  • Bt brinjal

  • Bt pigeonpea

  • Bio control agents

  • Marker Assisted Selection for Pigeonpea Sterility Mosaic and Fusarium Wilt

  • Marker Assisted Selection for Sorghum  charcoal rot disease and drought tolerance


  • Foliar spray composition and method of using the same to enhance withanolide a in Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) (Application No.: 201741023885)

  • Incorporation of a novel catalyst for pre-treatment of waste sludge palm oil for production of high yield biodiesel (Application No.: 201741017799)

  • Heat responsive microRNAs, promoter elements and methods thereof (Fakrudin, B., Mahale, B. M. and Krishnaraj, P. U., 2010, Application No.3894/CHE/2010)

  • Plant tuber and fungal lectins and their use in nematode control (Bhat, R. S., Neekhra, V., Mallesh, S. B., Lingaraju, S., Bhat, Ganapati., Basingi, S. M., Swamy, B. M. Kuruvinashetti, M. S. and Chandrashekar, T. M., (Application No. 122/CHE/2009)

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