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The courses have been offered inorder to give an insight into the biochemical basis of immunity. To familiarize the students with the fundamental principles of biotechnology, various developments


in Biotechnology and its potential applications and with the basic cell biology and cellular processes in plants at molecular level, provide hands on training on various techniques of plant tissue culture, genetic engineering and transformation. To familiarize the students with recent tools used for genome analysis and their applications. To discuss about various aspects of biosafety regulations, IPR and bioethic concerns arising from the commercialization of biotech products. Intended to provide an overview and current developments in different areas of animal biotechnology. Understanding the molecular techniques involved in structure and functions of nanobiomolecules and also aimed at understanding the basic concepts of genetics, helping students to develop their analytical, quantitative and problem solving skills from classical to molecular genetics. They are also exposed to various statistical methods to analyze their experimental data. To impart an introductory knowledge about the subject of bioinformatics to the students studying any discipline of science.

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