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Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses. Entrepreneurship has traditionally been defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company. The term "Start-up" in the sense of budding company", was first used by Forbes magazine in 1976. "The OED traces the origins of the term, used in its modern sense, back to a 1976 Forbes article, which uses the word as "The unfashionable business of investing in startups in the electronic data processing field". Startup is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace needed by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service. A startup is usually a company such as a small business, a partnership or an organization designed to rapidly develop a scalable business model. Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment



 The predominant startup ecosystems are located in North America and Europe. US rank first with 83.000 startups. New York has evolved into the second strongest startup ecosystem in the world. Startup ecosystems in Asia have grown significantly.


In 1980's, India was recognized for commodities like cotton, jute or spices and today India is a powerhouse of Software and Information Technology capabilities and home to a new breed of young startups that has been evolved as the third largest startup ecosystem in the entire world. The size and nature of change of India's image and relevance in today's economy is indeed enviable the top five world in term sta Since

2010, the Indian technology startups landscape has seen a tremendous growth towards creation of innovative startups.


Technology entrepreneurs in India are building world-class startups, attracting global investors in large numbers. It is a historic juncture for Indian tech startups as they are poised to take on larger problems and enter the global stage


A startup ecosystem is formed by people, startups in their various stages and various types of organizations in a location (physical or virtual), interacting as a system to create an scale new startup companies. These organizations can be further divided into categories such a universities, funding organizations, support organizations (like incubators, accelerators, co-working space etc.), research organisations, service provider organisations (like legal, financial services etc.) and large corporations. Different organizations typically focus on specific parts of the ecosystem function and startups at their specific development stage(s). Incubation facilities are supporting in big ways to encourage startups.

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