Success Stories

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Deepak Bhajantri

Founder & CEO
Krimmi Biotech LLP


Post-Master’s Fellow: Mr. Deepak Bhajantri (2016-19)

Project Title: Reclamation of Oil Palm Industry Wastes towards Bio-energy Generation and Development of Value Added products Like Cosmeceuticals, Agricultural Palm Fibre Mats and Animal Feed supplements.

Company Name: Krimmi Biotech LLP

Mr. Deepak Bajantri holds MTech in Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering with over 10 years of experience in product development & commercialization.

He is a proud recipient of the Successful Entrepreneur Award from Sir. MVIT. Along with the being UIC Post Master’s Fellow, he has also received grants from M/o.MSME, KSCST, VGST,  Idea2PoC-KBITS & BIRAC-SBIRI BIG-BIRAC.

The company caters to different product lines ranging from certified commercial chawki production, Bio-energy products, waste-to-value conversion etc. Mr. Deepak personally has handled several Projects related waste-to-value conversion, guided UG-PG students for their academic projects and is serving as a consultant for some Biotech companies, NGO’s and FPO’s.

Krimmi Products: 

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Abhinav J V

Founder & MD
Nisargam Private Limited

Post-Master’s Fellow: Mr. Abhinav J V (2016-19)

Project Title: "Enhancement of Withanolides, the magical compound from Withania somnifera"

Company Name: Nisargam Private Limited


My journey starts at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad with the support of BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) under the scheme UIC. Under this scheme, I worked as a BIRAC Innovation fellow from 2016-2019at UAS, Dharwad, and developed a unique foliar fertilizer for Ashwagandha to enhance withanolides content. Later I started the company Nisargam Private Limited at Dharwad.


For further studies of the fertilizer, our company was selected for Elevate -100 from Govt, of Karnataka. Under this project, we validated the fertilizer at different locations of India, mainly - Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. 


Along with the fertilizer, we developed many aromatic products for migraine, stress, sleep pain and many other therapeutic purposes. We also developed and natural pest repellent products for mosquitos, rats, Ants, Heel fly, Horsefly, Housefly, Horn fly, Stable fly, honey bees, Spiders, lizard & other deadly pests. Currently, our products are available under the brand name Nisargam and oioils.


Nisargam and oiOils: 

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