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Empowering Youth for Undertaking Value Added Innovative Translational Research (E-YUVA)

Formerly known as University Innovation Cluster (UIC)
Dept. of  Biotechnology, UAS, Dharwad.

Funded by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) - A Government of India Enterprise


           The new program of E-YUVA focuses on encouraging young talents to pursue Entrepreneurship in the field of Biotechnology and allied subjects. Formerly known as the University Innovation Cluster, E-YUVA scheme has come up with additional guidelines and a fresh approach wherein Undergraduate Students are being given the opportunity to innovate, explore and establish themselves as budding entrepreneurs.
BIRAC, the funding agency is mandated to promote a culture of applied research and need-oriented (societal or industry) entrepreneurial innovation among young students and researchers through this program.  

Program Details

The scheme aims to encourage students at various levels including undergraduates, postgraduates, and post-doctorates by extending financial support through fellowship and research grants, along with providing technical and business mentoring, exposure to bio incubation model, orientation to an entrepreneurial culture, industry-academia collaborations, exposure visits, etc.

The scheme provides support under the following two categories:

  • BIRAC’s Innovation Fellows (for postgraduates and above)

  • BIRAC’s E-YUVA Fellows (for undergraduate students)

Our E-YUVA Centre (EYC) located at the Department of Biotechnology, UAS, Dharwad is being funded by the Biotechnology Innovation Research and Assistance Council (BIRAC) and has been operational currently with three Innovation Fellows conceptualizing their individual projects of developing unique and novel products. The main focus of EYC has been the development of a strategic action plan to foster the culture of innovation and techno-entrepreneurship in the field of Agri-biotechnology and allied subjects. This includes stakeholders in the entire value chain from idea discovery to proof of concept to prototype development/pilot studies to validation and commercialization. We provide pre-incubation support to effectively translate innovative ideas into products thereof. Such support will include Technical infrastructure, Technology training, IP management, Technology business management, access to Venture Capital finance for setting up the industry etc.

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Our Team
2020 - 2022

Programme Description

E-YUVA provides mentorship to the BIRAC Innovation and EYUVA fellows who have the knowledge, technical and business expertise in the industry for a considerable period of time and they shall assist the fellows relevant to their proposed project. 

Infrastructural Support
Provides the BIRAC Innovation fellows with excellent office and Laboratory Space to carry out their research at a pilot scale. 

Business Support
Supports the BIRAC Innovation fellows in areas of legal and accounting. IPR services such as patent mapping and patent applications are also provided to the BIRAC Innovation fellows 

A vast network of researchers, faculty, businessmen, industrialists, venture capitalists, governmental agencies, and other service providers can be tapped into via E-YUVA. 

Initial funding will be provided to the BIRAC Innovation and EYUVA fellows for support of their research work. Furthermore, for establishing the business, BIRAC fellows can get access from Venture Capitalist and other Government bodies 

Training and Workshop
Specialized training in the form of workshops to boost the technical and entrepreneurial skills of the BIRAC Innovation fellows will be conducted by EYC. This is not purely limited to incubatee and fellows but also to students who are enthusiastic to increase their business skills. 

We aim to provide consulting services for market survey, technology development, technology validation, and allied disciplines as required by the BIRAC fellows

Areas Covered..

Healthcare, Life sciences, Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Drugs, Vaccines, Drug Formulations and delivery systems, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Secondary agriculture, Waste Management, Sanitation, Clean Energy and Artificial Intelligence/IoT/ Automation with application in any of these areas.  

Knowledge Partner

BioNEST Agri. Innovation Centre (AIC), University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru is a BioNEST supported by BIRAC and is acting as our knowledge partner and monitor in following aspects:

- For the mentoring of Innovation Fellows and for providing overall guidance to EYC,UASD
- To provide necessary handholding and mentoring to Eyuva and Innovation Fellows. 
- The knowledge partner will engage with the fellows throughout the award period and provide overall guidance.
- Knowledge partner will act as brand ambassador for the program and will help in its outreach.


Square Stage

Our Progress




Reach out to us

Dr. Narayan Moger
Chief Coordinator
Professor and head
Dept. of Biotechnology, UAS, Dharwad.


Ms. Rubiya Nadaf
Dept. of Biotechnology, UAS, Dharwad


0836 2214315
0836 2214453

Department of Biotechnology
University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad  - 05


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